Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dresser..

Here she is. And yes she is a girl. At least in my mind. The first picture is a before and the rest are afters. I found her outside a shop for $15... and so she has some age issues but overall I think she has great character. I wasn't sure if it was meant to be when I saw her but it all came together. This is the first dresser I have tackled and will be keeping my eyes open for more low cost dressers to transform. I painted her in a grey and then in the details added the color provence. I stained the top dark to help set it off. The edges of the drawers and body are lightly distressed. For a practice dresser I am very pleased with how she turned out! And the sign on top is something I recently did as well.
This week I am headed to the beach so there probably won't be any more posts this week. And I need to replenish my stock of furniture to do! Maybe a trip to goodwill is in store soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Signs... Signs.. and more Signs....

For those of you checking my blog and finding there have been no new posts... I apologize! I am working on signs for people to give as gifts... so I won't be able to post what those look like until they are given. Wouldn't want to ruin any surprises! But here is a sign that is for no one in particular. I am thinking I may add some white hooks to the bottom when I come across some cool ones! I am also 99% finished with a dresser and hopefully will get some photos of it up soon. And another reason I haven't posted very much is I am hanging with my sister while she is home from Hawaii for a short time! I think sister time trumps computer time any day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Here is a table I recently finished this week. I have learned my lesson working with a veneer top. From now on I will definitely try to stay away from veneer. This has been the most difficult project I have had yet. The top of the veneer was cracked... so I tried covering the top with a cool paper... didn't work out.... covered it in chalkboard paint... didn't like it enough... and finally came up with this! Now it isn't perfect; you can still see where the cracks are from the veneer but overall I am just glad I finished it! Will definitely be trying more designs like this one on different projects when I feel so inspired!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hanging shelf

I found two shutters at a garage sale and here is what I did with them. I attached a shelf to the top and added hooks to the bottom. You can also stick notecards/pictures; whatever you want, in the slits from the shutter. A nice shelf to keep some things organized.

Market Sign

One of my good friends asked me to make a sign for her. She had her idea of what it should look like and here it is! The finished product. I painted it on an old piece of wood I discovered at a shop. Hoping to make some more someday with some different looks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Small Accent Table

I found this little gem at a garage sale. Just loved the shape and edges of it. I painted it in a cream and duck egg blue. Distressed the edges a bit and it is finished off with a wax. Hope you like it! Hopefully be posting more pictures soon of some other projects I have in the works.