Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A memory...

I thought I would share a memory with you. It is from quite a while ago.
On a weekend getaway; one with our post high from church, we were in this red cabin with no indoor plumbing. The group was large and the laughter much. It was one of those times when you go away and all it seems like you do is inhale food. And the meals are not spread apart properly. Once you are done with one; the other one is just getting prepared. On this particular day; I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday, there was a loft in this specimen of a cabin where the ladies slept. Of course being good mennonites we separate the sleeping conditions. Only exception is marriage. I am pretty sure it was after a stuffing your face with food time of day, I was relaxing up in this loft on a nice old bed trying to settle the glob of food in my stomach. The ceilings are slanted up top so it is very important that you don't pop up unexpectedly and meet forehead to wood. Which I have done. A good friend of mine; one that I have known fourteen years? I can't be sure anymore... it is one of those friends that seems to have always been there. The best kind that is. We were lazily laying there, listening to the conversations down below as everyone gathered in the great room for a bible study. This friend said something to me that day that has stuck with me for the last five years. It was one of those comments that was simple but just spoke right to my core. Some place deep inside that wants to believe it is true. And these were it: "Alyssa, your gonna be a good mom and wife." Now that seems insignificant to most people. But at that time in my life, most of my best friends were in serious relationships and I was starting to feel entirely slighted by the man upstairs in this department. But those few words spoken out loud by someone I love and respect just meant so much. I am sure to this day she has no idea how that statement affected me. It is highly unlikely that she even remembers it. Six years later, I am still waiting. Waiting to see if that statement will be proven true. And obviously trying not to shout up to God that he better get a move on it and make my dreams come true!!!