Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You are..

You are unending. You are forever. You are big and grand. I could not begin to understand the expanse of who you are. You stretch beyond the earth and space. You exist outside of time. You reach down from heaven and touch us humans. Your gentle hands mold and bend us into new creations. You reached across the great depths to love and rescue us. You are limitless. None of this is comprehensible. My mind will never fully conceive these secrets, these mysteries. But I know you love me. You sacrificed for me. You created me. You know the inmost depths of my soul. You are a king and yet you are my friend. Your majesty does not keep you from me. Still you care for me. You are a kind king. A gracious king. Thank you for stepping away from your royalty to rescue me. There is none other like you. Nor will there ever be. You are the true king. The creator. You are from a world beyond and yet choose to join ours.