Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love never fails. I have felt failed a lot by love, but then so has Jesus. And he didn't let that dictate his own love towards others. It seemed to make him love them only more. If only my heart would beat with such love that I care not what happens to me any longer but rather dare to love as he does. With no expectations of it in return. Only the need to lavish it on any breathing human being.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Godly Men don't like...

This past weekend I got to talk to my sister Ashlea. She was telling me about the things she has been learning over the past two weeks. They had a relationships session. And there was one thing she said that really made me laugh.
"Godly men don't like cleavage."
Now they were discussing how to be pure and holy. And also how to honor one another. So ladies put away that cleavage! How it made me chuckle but how true it is. Recently the Lord and I have been having lots of discussions about marriage. It seems it is something I am always handing over to him. Because by now if I were in charge I would have had me married and perhaps a couple of babies. But alas I am on God's schedule. It is sad to think so many girls just throw away their purity in hopes of catching a man. When I think about the kind of man I hope to marry; it is true... I hope he doesn't like cleavage. That is not the kind of guy I am looking for. So why would I ever sell myself in order to get something I don't even want or maybe isn't for me? It can be hard to be patient. Sometimes it even makes me angry the way he makes me wait! But I want nothing less than His best for me. And so I wait. And I will wait honoring myself and the Lord with my body and actions. Besides I think the person God has for me will probably be far better than someone I "catch" on my own. He will make it happen. So stop worrying ladies and start living lives that are pleasing to our Father. Lets behave as His daughters! Setting our focus on Him is the best thing we can do for ourselves and for our future mate.